DMH Associates presents some useful resources which we have come across designed to support practitioners in their everyday work with young people and/or adults. Keep scrolling down and hopefully you will find something of interest.


Sometimes it’s easier to understand what might be involved in a job by watching a great video! See below a selection of short video clips from BBC Teach – Also, have a look at icould and take the Buzz Test – real stories to inspire and support career decision making –

View Tips and Hints presentation.

Assemblies: A selection of short reusable presentations

 These ppts were kindly uploaded  onto the UK Career Leaders Facebook page –

This is a great place to ask questions of other colleagues and a place for sharing resources.

View subject guide to jobs
View what’s in a job
View Year 9 – Power of Now assembly
View Year 9 – The bigger picture
View Year 10 – Next steps assembly
View Year 11 – Post 16 options assembly

Brilliant Newsletter

This is packed full of latest developments and useful resources for practitioners in career development services, education, training and work with employers in England, produced by Gordon Collins, CES London.

View the newsletter version 29

View the newsletter version 28 View the newsletter version 27 View the newsletter version 25 View the newsletter version 24
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CDI We Are Careers 


It’s Episode 2 of our new series of #WeAreCareers and in this episode, we’re getting political! Don’t worry viewers, no divisive party politics or Brexit debates here; instead, we are going to be speaking with Dr. Deirdre Hughes OBE about the role that politics and policy plays in the work we do as careers professionals and what we can do as members of the CDI to stay abreast of key developments that may impact ourselves and our clients, both within the UK and through the international careers community. We’ll also have our usual shout-out to an inspiring member of the CEIAG community and the latest news from the CDI and around the careers, education and business worlds!


Careers Resources – posters and workbooks

These posters and workbooks have been tried and tested. You might like to customise the content to suit your needs.

View the careers decision making workbook
View how to get the most of open days
View the NCW – 2019 – Governors handbook
View the Subject Careers Posters – Planet Plus

STEM careers support

As a teacher at a school or college, you can play a pivotal role in the career development of students. To help you provide the best possible support to young people, we have put together a selection of resources, programmes and guidance.

View Employability Guide during lockdown – source Melanie Forrester – Careers Guidance Practitioner – Medstead, Hampshire

Online careers support

View the Safeguarding Guidance for Remote Work with Young People – Jacqui Phipps and Liane Hambly (April 2020)
View the How-Estonia-is-delivering-online-guidance-during-COVID-crisis.
View the Safe and ethical use of web videoconferencing for personal careers guidance
View ‘Zoom fatigue’ is taxing the brain. Here’s why that happens.
View  Virtual meeting guide – simple tips to improve the experience of holding webinars and online meetings.



Using Labour Market Information (LMI)

Career development professionals need to have a good grasp of the realities of the labour market. This can be applied alongside expert skills in guidance, coaching and counselling and makes career dialogue more meaningful for the client/customer.

Careerometer2 is a freely available widget provided by the LMI for All service. It is an easy way to get access to labour market information on your own website. Careerometer 2 is the new, updated version of the Careerometer widget developed early on in the project. This widget has enhanced browser and website compatibility and displays more data. Instructions on how to embed and format to your needs is detailed.

View to access the widget

Other Resources

For other LMI resources view the Generic LMI Presentation and the latest National Careers Service (England) LMI regional information.

View the Generic LMI Presentation
View the LMI information from Jan – Mar 2020 for the National Careers Service

Practitioner Careers Toolkit

In this section, you can find practical workbooks for you and/or your clients. Some selected examples include:

View the positive CBT workbook for clients
View the positive CBT workbook for coaches
View positive psychology practitioner tools
View Career Decision Making Workbook
View Careers education: International Literature Review

Work Experience

Teachers often visit our site and ask if we have any practical tools to support work experience. Here are some selected examples of useful resources provided by teachers. 

View information on staff confidence
View the student aspiration survey
View work experience presentation
View work experience presentation
View the best practice guide to organising and managing work experience placements for schools and colleges
View work experience guide


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Video Clips

Our most recent video clips

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Slide Presentations

Higher Education and Business

Overview of how higher eductaion and businesses can build the talent pipeline for high level skills in the transport industry.

Career Cities: A Way Forward

This presentation sets out examples of Deirdre Hughes’ ongoing work on shaping experiences of learning and work within cities.

Career conversations The Perfect storm

This presentation is designed to inform and support managers and practitioners from differing education and employment settings to listen to the voices of young people and their particular challenges when it comes to gaining exposure to and experience of the world of work.

Contemporary Careers Education

This presentation presents findings from careers research, policy and practice. It details key findings from an international literature review on careers education in selected OECD countries.

Shifting Sands : Careers policies and practices …

This presentation begins by explaining career development is increasingly viewed as integral to human resources development. It also focuses on technological and economic changes that impact on jobs, skills and growth

Positive steps forward

Presentation by Karen Adriaanse following research into In Custody Evaluation Agenda for National Careers Service – West Midlands. The associated report is entitled – Inspiration in Custody”

Meaningful Career Learning

This presentation is aimed at encouraging individuals and organisations to consider the meaning of career, the fast changing context at a European, national and regional level. It focuses on the need for improved career learning for young people, families and teachers.

Careers Education and Guidance that Works

This presentation highlights innovative developments in the English region of the West Midlands. Deirdre has worked closely with a group of professionals who have a strong interest in building a careers offer for young people in the Black Country

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Useful Websites

Association of School & College Leaders
Dr Bill Law at The Learning Café
Canadian Career Development Foundation
Career Defender – Outstanding Careers Education
Career Development Institute
Career Learning Cafe
Careers Map
Confederation of British Industry
David Andrews CEG
Education and Employers Taskforce
Growing Ambitions
Institute of Employability Professionals

International Centre for Career Development & Public Policy
Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education
Life Strategies
Life Coach Directory
National Careers Council
National Careers Service in England
National Guidance Research Forum
Northern Ireland Careers Service
Skills Development Scotland
Women’s Business Council
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