Youth Transitions: Creating Pathways to Success

Youth Transitions: Creating Pathways to Success
July 6, 2020 dmh

Today we launched this NEW International Think-Piece in association with the Education Development Trust, Reading.

This evidence-based report provides an overview of key challenges and opportunities for young people in the current CovId-19 landscape. It contains rich content, including exemplars of good and interesting policies and practices aimed at Ministers, policymakers, managers and practitioners. The authors have focused on findings ways to create pathways to success for all young people.

The report was discussed in more detail within a free recorded webinar as part of the dmh associates CareerChat Live@Lockdown Series on 6th July 2020.

Deirdre Hughes has written a short article for FENews based on recent UK Government announcements on how to tackle youth unemployment as the lockdown eases.


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