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This webinar, hosted by Deirdre Hughes, Director, dmh associates, and co-presented by Siobhan Neary, (International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGs) University of Derby, England) highlights that academics are frequently engaged in research activities and subsequent dissemination of results through publications. All too often these occur in isolation without practitioner or student involvement. Yet, contemporary professional expectations suggest that practitioners will be active contributors to evidence-based policies and practice, but many find it difficult to prioritise research involvement given the gap between day-to-day service delivery and notions of scholarly pursuit.

In this webinar, we are keen to explore the problem of the “praxis gap” drawing on findings from a new Special Issue on this topic, co-edited by Deirdre Hughes (UK), Siobhan Neary (UK), David McCormack (Ireland) and Paul King (Ireland), with nine contributions from both practitioners and academic researchers in Australia, Ireland, the UK, and the USA.

Guest presenters include:
Lydia Lauder
Gary Mundy

Audience: The webinar is aimed at practitioners, managers, researchers and students from a wide range of contexts who have an interest in career development, guidance and counselling.

By the end of the webinar participants will have:
• a clear understanding of ‘praxis’ in a career guidance context
• a brief overview from authors and their findings designed to inform and influence practice, research and policy developments
• an opportunity to share ideas on ‘new frontiers’ in guidance and counselling.