Date & Time: 18th July 2024 – 13.30 – 15.00 (UK)

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This webinar is hosted by Dr. Deirdre Hughes – Director of DMH & Associates with guest speakers Jo Clark, Director of Programmes and Impact at Envision and Chris Percy, Senior Researcher, DMH & Associates.

Join us for an engaging webinar where we learn how Envision’s structured programme supports young people to develop essential skills and deep-dive into their recent evaluation that aimed to test the strength of their internal outcomes data against external benchmarks. This webinar promises to provide a comprehensive understanding of Envision’s impact journey and discussions around how so-called “soft skills” can be developed and measured with rigour.

Key highlights:

Insights from Envision: Discover how Envision’s outcomes framework and programme is designed to support young people’s essential skills development.

Impact Measurement: Learn about the methodologies and results from Envision’s recent external evaluation and benchmarking pilot.

Interactive Discussions: Engage in discussions on enablers, barriers, and future directions in essential skills impact measurement and management. 

What you will gain:

  • Best practices and research findings from Envision’s recent pilot external evaluation.
  • Practical examples to inform your own practices and policies.
  • Networking opportunities with experts and peers in youth skills development.

Deirdre Hughes is a national and international careers specialist. She is the Founding Director of CareerChat (UK) Ltd., a technology start-up company pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models, including CiCi the careers chatbot – https://cicichat.co.uk/book-a-demo/ CareerChat (UK) was established in 2022 bringing together careers, employability practitioners, service manager, researchers and policymakers to consider #AllThingsAI in a career development context. Deirdre is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research (IER), a legacy fellow of the Career Development Institute. She regularly hosts the dmh associates’ international webinar series.

JoClark has been the Director of Programmes and Impact at Envision since 2020, ensuring the programme is implemented successfully to have a meaningful impact on young people. Prior to joining Envision, Jo was the Deputy Head of English at Morpeth School in Bethnal Green. Upon leaving the classroom in 2017, she joined award-winning charity The Brilliant Club, working on a unique teacher training route exclusively for those who have completed doctorates. In 2018, Jo helped launch a fair access programme at Trinity College, Dublin, and supported the progression of similar programmes across South Africa, Botswana, Malaysia, and Hong Kong to help young people from less-advantaged backgrounds progress to university.

Chris Percy

Chris  Percy is a leading economist, strategy consultant, and careers researcher with expertise in quantitative methods. His experience of the education sector dates back to 2008 while working as a civil servant for the Department for Children, Schools and Families on secondary education reform and the strengthening of links between schools, universities, colleges and employers to improve progression pathways. 

He has led individual and team projects that span a range of organisations in the careers and education sector, including the Careers and Enterprise Company, the Education and Employers Taskforce, IntoUniversity, the Edge Foundation and the Open University, as well as pro bono engagements via Impetus-PEF for charities like Adviza, ActionTutors and the Dallaglio Foundation.