Adult Education : Too important to be left to chance

Adult Education : Too important to be left to chance
May 3, 2018 dmh

Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, Karen Adriaanse and Dr Sally-Anne Barnes

Research Report for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Education (APPG) – Inquiry into Adult Education.

The APPG for Adult Education commissioned the Warwick Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick (April – June 2016) to conduct research into the needs of adult learners.

Our primary focus was on adult education, and on adults returning to learn. Learning can occur in education or training institutions (offline or online), the workplace (on or off the job) the family, or cultural and especially, community settings. The research team collected evidence through : a literature review; a formal call for evidence; an online survey of adult learners; fieldwork; townhall meetings and telephone interviews.


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