Join PwC NI Question Time – Tuesday 9 October 2018 “The future of work – consensus or chaos?” 

Join PwC NI Question Time – Tuesday 9 October 2018 “The future of work – consensus or chaos?” 
September 16, 2018 dmh

Join PwC NI Question Time on Tuesday 9 October and have your say on “The future of work – consensus or chaos?”

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The nature of work is being transformed faster than it has ever been, and the next generation faces a future in which it’s estimated 85% of jobs in 2030 have yet to be invented.

Elements beyond our immediate control, the macro-economic forces of globalisation, technological progress and demographic change – are converging with a generation of young people making life-choices based on values and ethics over reward and advancement.

And together these trends and choices herald a world of unparalleled opportunities, fraught with unrivalled challenges.

But how do we prepare young people to live and work in this brave new world? Should the educational curriculum focus on workplace skills like IT science and technology, when social skills like creativity, communications, leadership and empathy will be equally in demand? And does an unconscious bias towards universities as the ultimate goal reflect more of a ‘league-table’ mindset than what’s best for students? And are these traditional methods of measuring schools’ success coming at the expense of apprenticeships and vocational opportunities that reflect the changing world and the importance of embracing diversity and individual circumstances

As parents, educators and employers, we have a responsibility to support young people in attaining the right skills for an ever-changing workplace.

So, whichever hat you wear, on Tuesday 9 October, join us and add your voice to the discussion. Audience members will be encouraged to put their questions to the panel and Dr Meredith throughout the evening.


Date: Tuesday 9 October

Location: W5


18:00 Registration and refreshments
18:30 Debate
21:00 Close

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Robbie Meredith, BBC Northern Ireland


A Trustee of Girlguiding, Carole was previously Chief Commissioner for the organisation.

Internationally renowned expert in employment and skills.

Shauna is Head of Employability and has worked with Ulster University in this field for over ten years.

Managing Director of Instil Software, a bespoke software engineering and training company based in Belfast.

Regional Director of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

 Come along and join us in a lively debate and ideas for action.


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