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The Institute for Apprenticeships remains a “work in progress” a year on from its inception, says its chief executive Sir Gerry Berragan.  Visit: The Institute did not get off to a flying start and was not fully  functioning until last October 2017. It has only had a permanent chief executive in post for less than six months, with board director Sir Gerry taking up the role in November.

Speeding up standards

Earlier this year, responding to comments by apprenticeships and skills minister Anne Milton that it needed to “really speed up” and the Institute promised to become “faster and better” and has streamlined its processes in a bid to accelerate the approval of new apprenticeship standards.

To date, some 254 standards have been approved for delivery, with another 276 in development. The CEO predicts that there will be more than 400 approved standards by this time next year.

The new apprenticeships have yet to be embraced enthusiastically by employers and apprentices. The number of apprenticeship starts has dropped significantly year on year and there are just 99 industry representatives on the 15 route panels – falling far short of the 250-300 that was previously envisaged.

This TES article provides more detailed information: 

Young people’s career decision making

I am particularly interested in young people’s career decision making. What happens to apprentices and/or trainees in England when they need careers support? Where to they go for career guidance if they drop out of their training? I’m currently investigating drop-out rates to see how much of a problem this might be. Keen to hear your views and comments.



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