Building Research Networks: Where Next?

Building Research Networks: Where Next?
April 2, 2018 dmh

• Hughes, D. & Toyne, N. (2007). Building Research Networks: Where Next? [online]. Graduate Market Trends, Autumn 2007. Manchester: Higher Education Careers Services Unit, p.17.

Available from:!eaLjgik

The interim report on the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy, Education and Training 2010: the Success of the Lisbon Strategy Hinges on Urgent Reforms [2], identifies career guidance as one of four key actions to create open, attractive and accessible learning environments. It calls for the strengthening of the role, quality and co-ordination of career guidance services to support learning at all ages and in a range of settings, empowering citizens to manage their learning and work. Throughout the UK, a major challenge for advisers working with graduates and non-graduates is the extent to which they can articulate, with confidence, the impact and added-value benefits of their work.


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