September 21, 2021 dmh

Demographic behaviour trends shaping the nation

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This latest report by McCrindle Research of Australia is written by Mark McCrindle, Sophie Renton and Kevin Leung.

“Coined in the 1980’s, the VUCA acronym has been an apt summary of recent decades (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). In 2018 at the World Economic Forum, the Prime Minister of Canada highlighted the
increasing acceleration of the trends with his statement: “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again”. Yet all of this was before the global COVID-19 pandemic further disrupted and transformed our times. In such times, analysis of the trends and regular scans of the horizon is essential to thrive amidst the transformations.

The primary characteristic of a leader, which enables the important strengths of vision and decisiveness, is foresight. The reason they can lead is that, having understood the trends, they are able to see things not just as they are, but as they will be. McCrindle “exist to empower human flourishing by equipping leaders with research-based insight. Indeed
the leader with the honed characteristic of foresight, and equipped with evidence-based insight is able to do more than just see the future, they take up the great responsibility to shape it.”

They state: “We trust this report will help you understand the times, prepare you for the emerging megatrends, and equip you to lead and grow your team, community and organisation with both humility and confidence.” This has got me thinking about UK demographic trends by 2031…WATCH THIS SPACE!


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