Social Values Policy of DMH and Associates Limited

At dmh associates, we are committed to conducting our research and business operations in alignment with a set of core social values. These values guide our interactions with employees, partners, stakeholders, and the wider community, as we strive to make a positive impact on society. Our commitment to these values is reflected in the following policy.

1. Equity and Inclusion:
We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other characteristic. We actively seek to promote diversity in our workforce and research endeavours.

2. Ethical Conduct:
We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct in our research, publications, and business operations. Our researchers and employees adhere to ethical guidelines, and we are committed to transparency, honesty, and integrity in all our interactions.

3. Social Responsibility:
We recognise our social responsibility to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. We support charitable initiatives, community engagement, and projects aimed at improving education and employment opportunities for underserved populations.

4. Environmental Sustainability:
Dmh associates is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint. We promote sustainable practices, reduce waste, and minimize energy consumption in our operations. Our goal is to contribute to environmental preservation and reduce our carbon footprint.

5. Work-Life Balance:
We acknowledge the importance of work-life balance for our employees and associates. We provide a supportive and flexible work environment, recognizing the diverse needs of our team members and striving to maintain a healthy work-life equilibrium.

6. Employee Well-Being:
We are dedicated to the well-being of our employees and associates, ensuring their physical and mental health. We provide resources and programs that promote a safe and healthy workplace, and we encourage open dialogue about well-being issues.

7. Research Ethics:
Our research adheres to the highest ethical standards, including the respectful treatment of human subjects and the responsible handling of sensitive data. We prioritise research that benefits society and avoids harm to individuals or communities.

8. Diversity and Inclusion in Research:
We commit to conducting research that reflects diverse perspectives and experiences. Our research projects seek to understand and address issues related to education and employment opportunities for marginalized and underrepresented groups.

9. Equal Employment Opportunities:
We are an equal opportunity employer. We hire, promote, and provide career development opportunities to individuals based on their qualifications, experience, and potential, without discrimination.

10. Stakeholder Engagement:
We actively engage with our stakeholders, including employees, partners, research subjects, and the broader community, to understand their needs and concerns. We seek to build positive relationships and be responsive to their feedback.

11. Implementation and Compliance:
All employees, associates and stakeholders are expected to be aware of and comply with this Social Values Policy. The organisation’s leadership team is responsible for overseeing the implementation and continuous improvement of this policy.

12. Review and Revision:
This Social Values Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised to ensure that it remains consistent with the organization’s mission and evolving social values. Feedback from employees and stakeholders is encouraged for improvement.

DMH and Associates Ltd is committed to upholding these social values in all aspects of our work. We believe that by adhering to these principles, we can contribute to a better society, advance knowledge, and positively impact the fields of education and employment research.

Associate Professor Deirdre Hughes
Director and CEO DMH and Associates Ltd