Our Future-Derby


Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Derby City Council, supporting the Department for Education’s Opportunity Area Programme – https://derbyopportunityarea.co.uk/ – has commissioned a new and exciting ‘Career-related learning in Primary Schools’ initiative led by the charity Education and Employers, in partnership with Learn by Design, East Midlands Chamber, Forum Talent Potential and dmh associates. To find out more about the project click here: http://www.educationandemployers.org/OurFutureDerby

The overall aim is to inspire children and connect primary schools in Abbey, Arboretum, Boulton, Chaddesden, Derwent, Normanton and Sinfin with the world of work. It should also spark conversations at a range of events across the city to help broaden horizons, raise aspirations and open a world of greater possibilities to the children’s, their families and their teachers.

The project objectives are to:

  • Open children’s eyes to their future possibilities
  • Enable teachers to link classroom learning for children with their future opportunities through bespoke CPD sessions
  • Engage local employers to widen children’s horizons
  • Work with parents to raise their children’s aspirations
  • Develop children’s future employability skills

Between May 2019 and July 2020, Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, Director, dmh associates will lead a research team to evaluate and assess the impact of the project. We will be focusing on the first hand experiences of children, parents, teachers, employers, volunteers and local community groups.

The evaluation and impact assessment will investigate the extent to which the project:

  • Increases pupil’s awareness of career/work opportunities
  • Increases pupils’ understanding of the link between education, qualifications and work opportunities
  • Reduces career/role stereotypes
  • Improves future employability skills
  • Engages parents, carers and the wider community in career-related learning.

If you currently live and/or work in Abbey, Arboretum, Boulton, Chaddesden, Derwent, Normanton and Sinfin you may wish to participate in the research. If so, please contact us: e-mail: [email protected] We will then send you a consent form to complete and return to us which confirms your willingness to take part.

We will begin in June 2019 by working with these 7 primary schools:

  1. Firs – Abbey Ward
  2. Derwent – Derwent Ward
  3. Cherry Tree Hill – Chaddesden Ward
  4. Redwood – Sinfin Ward
  5. Allenton – Boulton Ward
  6. Hardwick – Normanton Ward
  7. Arboretum – Arboretum Ward

This will be followed up by work in the following 30 schools:-



1 Becket Primary School Abbey
2 Bishop Lonsdale CE Primary School & Nursery Abbey
3 Akaal Primary Arboretum
4 Pear Tree Infant Arboretum
5 Pear Tree Junior Arboretum
6 Rosehill Infant & Nursery Arboretum
7 St Chad’s C of E Nursery & Infant Arboretum
8 St James’ C of E Infant & Nursery Arboretum
9 St James’ C of E Junior Arboretum
10 St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Arboretum
11 Zaytouna Primary Arboretum
12 LF Moorhead Primary Boulton
13 Oakwood Infant Boulton
14 Oakwood Junior Boulton
15 Wyndham Primary Boulton
16 Cavendish Close Infant Chaddesden
17 Cavendish Close Junior Chaddesden
18 Chaddesden Park Primary Chaddesden
19 Meadow Farm Primary Chaddesden
20 St Alban’s Catholic Primary Chaddesden
21 Beaufort Primary Derwent
22 Breadsall Hill Top Primary Derwent
23 Roe Farm Primary Derwent
24 St Giles’ Derwent
25 Dale Primary Normanton
26 Village Primary Normanton
27 Ash Croft Primary Sinfin
28 Cottons Farm Primary Sinfin
29 Grampian Primary Sinfin
30 Osmaston Primary Sinfin

“The launch of Our Future-Derby marks a significant milestone in inspiring children to see the relevance of schooling to the world of work from an early age. What makes this initiative special is the planting of seeds of hope. Children, parents, teachers and employers working together in local communities to gain a better understanding of the changing world of work. Research shows children’s aspirations are often shaped, molded and restricted by gender stereotyping, socio-economic background and the people they meet in their local area. We will be examining what works and what more needs to be done to improve children’s life chances for a successful future.” Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE and Dr Elnaz Kashefpakdel, Head of Research


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