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Applying evidence to find out what works best Evidence and Impact

DMH associates has the knowledge, skills and a wealth of international, national and regional experience to understand and respond to your organisations’ needs. We have worked on a wide range of evidence and impact reports, including chairing conferences, seminars and presenting key findings to governments.

"Dr Deirdre Hughes’ report for the Institutes for Adult Education - Adult Education: Too Important To Be Left To Chance - has influenced the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Adult Education, including the call for a national adult education strategy. The report moved the evidence base on by bringing together the views of students, practitioners and policy makers all within the same survey. The project was delivered within a short timeframe and it was a feat of coordination and synthesis to capture the diverse data sets and distil them into a such a clear overview with challenging recommendations.
Ruth Spellman OBE
Chief Executive and General Secretary The WEA

Our Experience Includes:

  • Building the UK evidence-base for careers work
  • Development of evidence-based practice in guidance services in schools
  • Economic benefits of guidance
  • Lifelong Guidance: Quality assurance and evidence-base policy and systems development
  • Marketisation of careers work
  • Professionalisation of career guidance in Europe
  • Transforming careers, education and skills evidence into action

Our Approach

We take time to understand your needs by carefully assessing the current situation and what success will look like in the future.
We assist you to identify improvements that can be made and we quantify the benefits.
We work with you to implement the agreed solutions within an agreed timescale and budget.

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