Digital Delegate Toolkit

Digital Delegate Toolkit

Thank you for attending the dmh associates, Evolving Education & Careers, virtual international conference sponsored by the Edge Foundation.

dmh associates do not want the benefits of attending to stop at the conference alone and are delighted to bring this resource, exclusively to delegates, to you. On this page you will be able to access key resources from Barclays Lifeskills and other key contributors to the conference alongside session recordings and presentations from all three days.

We hope this resource will aid as a toolkit to enhance your knowledge and offer you practical guidance and solutions when undertaking your critical role in the careers sector, now and in the future.

LifeSkills for educators – lesson plans, learning modules and interactive content for educators to use with both young people aged 11-25, as well as organisations to use with adults learners either face to face or remotely

LifeSkills for young people – interactive tools and resources for young people to use directly to help develop their skills, write their CV and prepare for interviews

LifeSkills for adults – tips and guidance to help people of all ages to help improve their career prospects, start their own business or provide support with finances and wellbeing

See the full suite of resources below

Conference rap by dmh associate resident Careers Rapper – Jon Chase

Exclusive videos released throughout the conference

Resources from our Speakers and Sponsors

Links to papers of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling that have been made ‘free access’ for conference delegates. 

Download the bibliography on the use of communication and information technology in counselling and career interventions from James P. Sampson Jnr

Recovery and Resilience Report by City & Guilds Group

Leaderhood Article written by Dame Ruth Silver

A guide for Career Coaches to share with their clients from under represented backgrounds – Jennifer Tardy

Euroguidance  – providing support for individuals to learn about and consider learning opportunities across the EU

A whole school guidance framework by NCGE

Practitioner resources post primary by NCGE

Practitioner resources further education and training by NCGE

Guidance Matters – The Guidance Newsletter by NCGE

Balancing Aspirations, responding to the International Labour Organisation report from Education and Employers

Key Learnings from the ‘Disconnected’ report aimed at schools  from Education and Employers

Teacher-led virtual interactive sessions from Education and Employers

Supporting youth to enter the world of work article from Education and Employers

Strengthening Mental Health Through Effective Career Development by CERIC

Career Work in Action: Discussions and Activities for Professionals by CERIC

Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice by CERIC

Fall 2020 Careering magazine: Career superpowers by CERIC

CareerWise: Your source for career development news and views by CERIC

Make the switch to remote learning: A guide to preparing students for future success by Xello

Making the switch to blended learning: Your guide to preparing secondary school students for future success by Xello

Skills Development Scotland video – Helping you take control of your career journey

Heteronormativity and barriers to successful career interventions: An exploratory study.

October edition of Career Matters

IAEVG Ethical Guidelines

IAEVG International competencies for Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioners

CICA Professional Standards

CICA Course endorsement

Other future events;

Virtual Cannexus 2021: Canada’s Career Development Conference

IAEVG, Riga, 2021

CICA Events page

National Career Leaders Conference 2020 

Tech Fest Conference