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Digital Innovations

Chair: Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE, Director, DMH Associates
Presenters: Rhys Herriott, NESTA CareerTech Challenge and Gareth Phillips, Head of Communications, Careers Wales

This webinar explores digitial innovations in a career development context.

Nesta research suggests that more than six million people in the UK are currently employed in occupations that are likely to radically change or entirely disappear by 2030 due to automation, population aging, urbanisation and the rise of the green economy. In the nearer-term, the coronavirus crisis has intensified the importance of this problem. Recent warnings suggest that a prolonged lockdown could result in 6.5 million people losing their jobs. Of these workers, nearly 80% do not have a university degree.

Nesta is delivering the CareerTech Challenge, in partnership with the Department for Education, as part of their National Retraining Scheme. Solutions being funded through the CareerTech Challenge are designed to support people who will be hit the hardest by an insecure job market over the coming years.

Careers Wales is on a digital transformation journey from its award winning use of video, exciting new gaming developments and pioneering website and resources. In recent times the company has adapted its service delivery model in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. Key lessons are bing learned in relation to the role of digital as they look ahead and plan for the new normal.

Digital Innovations Webinar Recording

DMH Associates video entry for the CareerTech Challenge Prize

LiveCareerChat@Lockdown – No 2

In this webinar Professor Graham Attwell and Dr Deirdre Hughes reflect on the ‘new normal’ and explore ideas for career development policies and practices in a post-CovID-19 landscape.

Deirdre will set out an innovative approach to capturing career stories online from both a practitioner and client perspective. She will also share key findings on ‘Creative Methods in Guidance and Counselling’ drawn from the British Journal for Guidance and Counselling, International Symposium:Special Issue Series.

Chris Percy and Liane Hambly (Senior Associates) will join us as part of the Q& A session.

LiveCareersChat@Lockdown – No 2 – Part 1

LiveCareersChat@Lockdown – No 2 – Part 2

LiveCareerChat@Lockdown – No 1

Presenters include Dr Deirdre Hughes, Liane Hambly and Chris Percy

During these turbulent times, we all have an opportunity for reflection, sharing ideas and offering practical advice on how best to manage career identity and changing work practices. This webinar is designed to bring people together and to listen and/or share experiences of careers support mechanisms at a time of crisis. 

We’ll talk about careers support mechanisms – what’s in place? what’s working? what more needs to be done now and in the future?

Scotland’s New Careers Strategy: Moving Forward

Facilitated by Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE Presenters: Scott Gray and Greig Chisholm, Scottish Government   

This is a 1 hour interactive international webinar session designed to showcase the Scottish Government’s new Careers Strategy published in February 2020.   

Target audience: Practitioners, Managers and other Stakeholders Interested in the Continuous Improvement of Career Guidance Services for Young People and Adults.  

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