Career stories during COVID-19

Write your career stories during COVID-19

As a way of capturing what is happening with people’s work and careers during the pandemic, we’re inviting submissions about how your career is being affected as a practitioner or manager and/or the major issues your client(s) are facing. Some key questions:

What do you feel are the important questions we should be asking during this time?

Policies (national and/or local) – Are there any examples of good/interesting policies that others can learn from?                   

Practices (national and/or local) – Is the transition to working at home possible in your line of work? Are you serving your clients as you did before? Is your work negatively affected or reduced? Or are you busier than you would otherwise be?

Innovation – What innovative ideas do you have about the adjustment? How would you like to support others in their work during this unprecedented time? 

You may submit stories, poetry, or other reflections on what is happening in your career and/or the major issues your clients are facing.

Maximum 1500 words per submission.                                                                                                                                                           

Submissions will be used for research and training purposes only. Information used will be anonymised unless you grant permission in advance to cite your work. Should you have any queries please contact Robert Hughes administrator at

Thank you in anticipation 

Together we have an exciting opportunity to share, learn and transform careers support services for young people and adults now and in the future.

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