April 4, 2019 dmh

Skills Advisory Panels: Government has announced more funding for the Skills Advisory Panels


Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs) are designed to help Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCAs), the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) fulfil their local leadership role in the skills system. SAPs bring together employers, local authorities, universities, colleges and other training providers to:

  • work together to pool their knowledge and expertise
  • decide what skills are really needed across a sub-region.

This will help ensure they match training to the jobs available in the local area.

This funding will support each of the 36 SAPs to:

  • increase their local analytical capabilities sustainably.
  • understand better their current and future skills needs and labour market challenges.

A key part entails embedding the Skills Advisory Panels analytical toolkit to build robust evidence on local skills needs, wider labour market challenges and priorities to inform their local skills agenda.

QUESTION: How well linked are career development services and professional bodies to the SAPs?

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